Learn how to play frame drums,bendir and percussion, rhythms,tambourine

Learn How to Play Frame Drums, Bendir and Percussion, Rhythms, Tambourine in Istanbul

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Turkish musical instruments Instruments of Ottoman classical music Instruments of Turkish makam music.

Gallery Les Arts Turcs Team provides one-on-one instruction on Turkish Percussion instruments. All students are taught from the instrumental technique, posture, technical exercises and much more.
Please write us about workshops. hours.times and how many people can join.In all levels we do lessons.

Beginner students start with the fundamentals, like holding the instrument, fingers placement, reading music and rhythm. Intermediate and advanced students continue to progress with increased proficiency in techniques and difficult rhythm in Istanbul. Join us.

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Bendir is to be found from the Balkans on throughout Turkey, the Arab world (including the Maghreb region), Israel, Persia (as mentioned), and is even known in India.

This is the most ancient drum known in the human history, basically due to its primitiveness – it’s a simple animal skin stretched over a wooden frame, without any additional components.

The size of the drum can be very different, ranging from 14” up to 22”. The smaller one are often called Tar. Depending on the size the playing style can vary, but basically these days two ways are the most known to play it – the lap style (putting the drum on the leg), and the upright position, holding it in our hands.

There are many techniques that are used to play on a bendir, during the workshop I am planning to give an introduction to them, explain very detailed how they work, the proper movements, exercises to improve the playing, guidelines for practicing, and small compositions to put things into perspective, while also understanding the musical background of these instruments.

We have an Art Gallery in Sultanahmet area and our local teachers that are professional in Traditional Turkish music and learn how to play drums and percussion, rhythms in masterclass. In our place, we give beginner, intermediate & advanced level of Turkish Bendir ,Daf ,Def, Drum ,Darbuka, Drums & Percussion Turkish musical instruments Instruments of Ottoman classical music Instruments of Turkish makam music lessons.

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