Yahya Bagci creates hyperrealist paintings

Yahya Bagcı,Turkish Painter in His Art studio, Fener Balat ,Istanbul

Yahya Bagcı,Turkish Painter in his art studio,Fener-Balat,Istanbul.@yahyabagci hyperrealist painting

Yahya Bagci creates hyperrealist paintings of urban spaces and highly reflective household objects like wine glasses, sunglasses, display cases, and framed photographs. He focuses on their reflective qualities, showing the play of light and shadow as well as elements of the background caught on their surfaces. A virtuosic oil painter, Bağcı uses a series of layered transparent glazes to conceal brushstrokes and catch as much light as possible on the surface of his paintings—allowing him to bring into relief the micro-landscapes captured in the reflections of his subjects. Bağcı aims to emphasize the enigmatic ways in which the elements of an environment are encoded upon the surface of everyday objects.

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Yahya Bağcı
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