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Workshops in Ottoman Arts

No visit to the epicenter of Ottoman arts would be complete without trying your hand at the classic art of ebru, or paper marbling, calligraphy, or on a soulful saz. Seeking to promote Turkey’s rich and vibrant cultural goods, Les Arts Turcs, Incili Çavus Sok. 19, 3rd floor, Sultanahmet

Organizes private or group lessons in all three and then some. Interested in Byzantine mosaic art? Want to learn how to apply a henna tattoo? Willing to accept a dare to show off your belly-dancing prowess? You can do it all here. Les Arts Turcs also organizes private language lessons. Some of their group workshops are organized in conjunction with Turkish artists,Painters,Les Arts Turcs Istanbul now serves as a handicrafts center offering multiday workshops in ebru, calligraphy, illumination, miniature painting, jewelry, and decorative ornamentation of wood, fabric, or glass, among others.

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You can join to real whirling dervish ceremony and to learn how to dance like dervish and play turkish drums in Istanbul.Fatih.
www.istan buldervishceremony.com