Perfume Workshop in Sultanahmet

Perfume Workshop in Sultanahmet, Istanbul, Turkey

Create your Own Oriental Turkish – Ottoman Perfume

Les Arts Turcs has been offering made-to-measure perfume creation workshops for small group or in privatein Istanbul,Turkey. These 2-hour workshops will propel you to the centre of your most intimate emotions. Accompanied by a creative perfumer, you have the opportunity to create your own perfume and choose all the elements: base notes, middle notes and top notes. Finally, you choose the bottle, the format and the name of your creation. Participate in our perfume Creation Workshops which take place at our Gallery Les Arts Turcs Sultanahmet,Istanbul. Both men and women can create a unique fragrance.

At the end of the workshop, you’ll leave with your own personalised perfume.

Perfume without alcohol

Alcohol is the most common ingredient in a perfume and it is used to dilute the perfume molecules so that the liquid can better dispersed. In fact, the dilution was made in oil before it was made in alcohol. In today perfumes, alcohol is always the largest part in the formula. There are scents with 3% concentrate and 97% alcohol and others where the percentage of concentrate can go up to 25%.

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The alcohol in the perfume is aggressive to sensitive skin, especially that of children, but it can also cause allergic reactions to the sun. Moreover, the presence of this ingredient makes the smell of the perfume very intoxicating. This can cause headaches and nausea. It is known that the skin is a delicate and very sensitive organ that deserves special attention. Choosing an alcohol-free perfume is the best option to maintain health. It is better to choose health by choosing non-alcoholic perfumes in your daily life.