Private lessons -- Arts
Calligraphy by Melih

Melih works with us in the Les Arts Turcs gallery doing calligraphy, paintings, marble paper, surrealist art and henna tattoo. Lessons can be arranged by appointment. You can contact Melih at:
Incili cavus sok no 37/3
Sultanahmet Istanbul 34400
Tel : 90 212 520 77 43
contact by e-mail
Designs for textile & ceramic; marble paper by Betul

Betul studied classical Turkish design at Mimar Sinan Fine Art University.
You can contact Betul by e-mail
Mosaics by Sophie

Sophie is a French woman living in Istanbul and works with Byzantine era mosaic art.
You can contact Sophie by e-mail
Belly dancing lessons by Catherine

Catherine has a belly dancing school in Venice, Italy. Every two months she travels to Istanbul and gives lessons.
You can contact Catherine by e-mail
Music lessons with Turkish and Ottoman instruments

Folkloric, Turkish Classical, Palace, Religious, Gypsy, Ethnic, etc.
If you are interested, email us

Private lessons -- Language
Turkish, French, Italian, English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Russian, Dutch.

We know many people who give private lessons, at the university and at the high school. Send inquiries by e-mail

Tour Guides
Tours of Istanbul by Rinaldo

Rinaldo, our friend and of fame, speaks French, Italian, German and Spanish. Makes special tours of Greek, Armenian and Jewish quarters of Istanbul. Recommended by French guidebook Le guide du Routard. With his experience he writes in guidebooks.
Web page for Unusual Istanbul (for now, only available in French -- but the pictures are wonderful in any language). Send inquiries by e-mail
Tours of ancient Turkey and Istanbul by Nurettin

Nurettin studied French literature, and speaks French very well, Italian, Spanish & Portuguese. He lived in Portugal for a short time. We like Nurettin's relaxed personality, and what a gentleman. Nurettin has a passion for patience, women who enjoy shopping might take advantage of this quality. Daily tours with him are great. Send inquiries by e-mail
Levent and Istanbul

Complete walking tours. His English is great, partly due to his residence for a couple years in England. He has endless energy. His tours often end late at night, dancing in the bars (he's a great dancer), but not drinking. Send inquiries by e-mail
Sightseeing with Haydar

Haydar's Scandinavian background (he was born in Denmark, and lived in Sweden) makes tours in those languages his specialty. He can take you to some wonderful Turkish restaurants.
The Boncuk web site
Send inquiries by e-mail
Ayhan -- Tours in German

Born in Germany and studied there, Ayhan lives in Istanbul. He also speaks English, but makes German tours his immer gerade aus (he takes people "strait ahead," gently though.)
Send inquiries by e-mail
Japanese tours with Özcan

Driving tours of Istanbul. Özcan speaks Japanese and English.
Send inquiries by e-mail
Japanese tours with Halil

Turkey and Istanbul tours. Halil speaks Japanese and English.
Send inquiries by e-mail

Born in Belgium, traveled and lived in the Amazon in Brazil, Mustafa speaks French, English and Portuguese. He is a young, handsome guy, the girls never leave him alone. He gives tours by car, and provides airport transport service.
Send inquiries by e-mail
Alisan -- Servant of the Japanese Empire

This is the nickname his Japanese clients give him, which have include_onced the wife of Toyota's President. Studied Japanese, and travels to Japan. He makes "Jeep" safari's his specially with his Toyota RAV4. Any outings with Ali are sure to be great fun.
Send inquiries by e-mail
Nurdogan -- the Encyclopedia Britannica of Istanbul.

This nickname comes from his clients for good reason. The guide book gurus also come seeking his knowledge. Nurdogan was born in Istanbul and here he studied French literature, and speaks English, French, Italian, Spanish, and German. He is a gourmet of restaurants and night life. The best shopping advice, for the Grand Bazaar and otherwise. Nurdogan is also the person to ask for recommended accommodations.
You should email Nurdogan with any questions before your trip to Istanbul and Turkey.


We work with many student artists who would be happy to talk to you about this school. Inquire via email.
The Birlik Foundation

The Birlik Foundation gives lessons on weekends in Turkish calligraphy. The courses, which last for three months, begin in January, April, July and October. For more information:
Birlik Foundation
Yeniçeriler Cad. No 13
Çemberlitas Istanbul
Tel: 90 212 516 4127
Fax: 90 212 516 4129
Inquire via email.
Center for Turkish Handcrafts

The Center for Turkish Handcrafts at the Medrese of Caferaga offers courses in many fields including Turkish calligraphy, paper marbling, wood carving and inlaying mother-of-pearl, Ottoman Turkish, and the musical instruments ney, ud, guitar, kanun and the violin.
For more information:
Caferaga Medresesi
Uygulamali Türk El Sanatlari Merkezi
Sultanahmet Caferiye Sok. Istanbul
Tel: 90 212 513 1843 - 513 3144
Fax: 90 212 511 4137
Inquire via email.