Hey Melih!
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Melihs wall Ney Painting lessons

Melih was born in Ankara. He lost his parents during his childhood. He grew up in the Bosphorous area. During his school days he met his master Ilhami Atalay.

For 16 years he works with this famous painter and student (and later teacher) of Mimar Sinan Fine Art University. During these days he met many students

and famous painters from all over the world that inspired and drove his passion for painting. Today he works with us in our gallery. If you see the lights on in our studio late at night,

that may be Melih painting until the early hours of the morning. One of Melih's weaknesses, something that makes him such a special person, his customers

usually receive a lagniappe in the form of a personalized painting; his thumbprint annimals are especially treasured for this. Melih enjoys giving lessons

in painting, calligraphy, and henna tattoo. Children who receive these lessons are often transfixed for hours.

Melih plays the ney (a Turkish flute). Melih's artistic scope include_onces abstract paintings, sometimes painted on huge canvases or building sides,

classical Turkish calligraphy, and pen drawings.