Ara Güler's photographs have carried viewers back in time through an Istanbul which has been changing with unprecedented speed. What poignant scenes Güler has captured: Rowing boats in Eminönü, a fisherman spreading

his nets to dry in Büyükdere, friends parting on Galata quay or chatting in a café in Beyoglu. From the streets of Tarlabasi to an old cobbled hill in Kandilli, these photos record the people and places of Istanbul.

Stressing that photography is a spell which captures a moment in time for future generations, Ara Güler explains his love of Istanbul and the albums's objective in his "Postword," replacing the usual foreword:

“ Times have changed, life has changed... It was going to change, it had to change, and so it did... Because they never knew the former city and cannot imagine it, the new generation today thinks that this is Istanbul, that Istanbul was always like this.

When they look at an old photograph, they are astounded. ‘Where is that?’ they ask, because hardly anywhere still looks the same, if it still exists at all. [These photographs] are impressions left on my, of a world, lost or gone, in which I lived.

Since Istanbul is the subject, I have include_onced reportage photographs of a documentary character as well as photographs which have been exhibited I have tried to gather the truths of a life which is either over of dying anyway.”

Most of these photographs are in museums and libraries abroad.