Ten years ago (1997) Les Arts Turcs was founded by a collection of painters, photographers, artists, singers, journalists, professional guides and entrepreneurs. The aim of Les Arts Turcs is to meet people here internationally and explore little traveled routes of communication between cultures that rarely and often communicate, to bridge artistic and cultural gaps that have formed over centuries in an attempt to take responsibilty for international humanistic heritage.

Les Arts Turcs, makes a point where all of the people all over the world can come here - all ethnicities and all types of artists - in a denationalization of art - discovering and sharing culture and artistic differences. Les Arts Turcs of Istanbul aspires toward the state of an international cultural center. Having achieved this to a small degree, having many friends, from New York to New Zealand, who come here in the form of artists and adventurers and students - people who have, through time, grown the ideas presented here.

Les Arts Turcs, wishes to help a foriegner appreciate Ancient and Modern Turkey and Turkish culture. This could, while educating a traveller, also make a local more conscious of this exquisite, metropolitan environment's history, difference, and future possibilities. It could be an example for other cities that have nearly been wiped-out by a culturally unsympathetic kind of tourism, which dissassociates, frustrates, and generally gives the wrong idea to locals about the type of people that come as visitors to their countries - here is the difference between a 'traveller' and a 'tourist'. And this is the difference between Les Arts Turcs and industrial tourism.

Activities worked by Les Arts Turcs include_once: ethnic music, Ottoman, Turkish/Greek, Turkish/Armenian, Turkish/Gypsie, Turkish-Pop, Jews and Folk, and Sufi music. There is also full guidance as to the process of the Whirling Dervish ceremony, and Sufi community in Turkey. Les Arts Turcs gives painting, henna, paper-marblizing and calligraphy classes (has a permanent exhibition of paintings, statuettes, and art at its Sultanahmet address). It is a meeting place for local and international artists -- journalists, writers, painters, photographers, professional guides, and others.

Les Arts Turcs, makes the webpage about and for Turkish culture in Istanbul and Turkey and its hotels, restaurants, cafes, bars, shops, travel agencies - on the other hand, they give logistic help for travel guide books. On these pages is a photographic tour like others that can be found on the internet, one which Les Arts Turcs and its innovators have designed to carry out around Istanbul into the unknown, physically and virtually, by organizing the exhibition which is already there. Art and history are everywhere.

The following competition in which Les Arts Turcs claimed first prize was one of the events that engendered their current popularity in France.

Competition to find the best Mediterranean artistic and cultural sites.

The aim of the competition is to reward the best internet sites promoting Mediterranean Art and Culture.

The competition is aimed at professionals and amateurs (webmasters, graphic designers, artists and cultural workers) resident in the Mediterranean region.

The following countries may participate: Algeria, Cyprus, France, Egypt, Spain, Greece, Italy, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Malta, Morocco, Palestine, Syria, Tunisia or Turkey.

Candidates must complete the registration form by September 15th, 2000.

68 candidates have registered to participate to Net'Expo 2000 Competition.

Competition Results

Special Prize
Nurdogan Sengüler, Turkey for his project: Turkish Arts

1st Prize - Artistic innovation
Grégory Royer, Marseille for his project : "Art et Toile"

2nd Prize - Artistic innovation
Hervé St Macary, Marseille for his project : Souvenirs of Marseille

1st Prize - Cultural Heritage Enhancing
Raoul Choquell, Marseille for his project : Trip on the Nil

2nd Prize - Cultural Heritage Enhancing
Idriss Farhat, Corenc for his project : Tourism in Tunisia

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